Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well if you don't already know this, Matt and I love visitors!  Our friends and family are welcome to visit us anytime... especially when it is below zero.  haha  Well thus far we have had a handful of visitors.  Our visitors started when my parents helped us move out here.  I guess we can count that as a visit, Right?  They helped us pick out our cozy sofa sleeper that we have to encourage guests to come.  It is actually very comfortable as we have gotten a posture-pedic type mattress cover.  Anyways it was a lot of fun having my parents and we can't wait for them to come back soon.  Other than my parents we had my good friend/roommate and her husband visit one night after they drove 18 hours straight from Sacramento to Denver.  We were their pit stop on their move to PA.  Although they were only here for about 12 hours it was great to see them again since it will probably be awhile before we see them again.  Well the visitors didn't stop there!  We have had Matt's grandpa visit for one evening, Matt's cousin and his fiance have been over a few times for dinner and or cookies, ice cream and a movie night and Matt's aunt Tracy and the family have been over a few times.  It is great having family close by to get together with.  Well our most recent guest was Matt's brother, Josh.  He stayed with us the week of Aug 11th-15th and helped us celebrate Matt's birthday on August 12th.  While Josh was here we had the pleasure of showing him all around Denver.  We took him to the 16th street mall downtown, to his favorite-The ESPN zone, to the Broncos stadium, bowling and to the ski resort Vail!  Matt wouldn't let him leave Colorado without a trip to the mountains!  For those of you that don't know, Matt LOVES the mountains and any sport that has to do with the snow... so of course we had to go and check out Vail! Vail was somewhat older than the other ski resorts we had checked out, but it did have a great village.  Ski Copper and Breckenridge here seem to be a lot newer and nicer, but it was fun to see Vail and for those who do have a condo up there I am sure it would be a lot of fun!  Also, when Josh was here we were graced with his AMAZING wedding video.  For those who don't know, Josh, along with his girlfriend Melissa videotaped our wedding from the rehearsal to getting ready all the way until the getaway.  I was blown away at the final product.  It honestly was better than any professional videos I had seen.  It was very artistic and edited down to every detail, which says alot when it is two hours long (Josh knew I wanted it long), but it includes a lot of extras and special features.  Anyways for those of you who are in need of any wedding videography he is getting into doing it now for weddings and is excellent, and not to mention very reasonable.  I have watched it several times since we first saw it and in never gets old, but then again I am the bride..haha!  Well upcoming we have Matt's grandparents visiting again this weekend and then Matt and I are headed to Minnesota for my cousin Tricia's wedding the weekend of 10/9!  We are really excited to see my parents again (it has been too long) and to see the family in Minnesota.  It will be a short trip but a lot of fun!  After Minnesota, my parents are going to make a pit stop in Denver for a day before heading back to AZ.  Well again anyone is welcome to come and visit us.  We would love it!

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