Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Finally a Registered Nurse!

My Senior Nursing Picture!....We all hated the white scrubs!

This is me Freshman Year in my first nursing outfit!

Well it has been awhile since the last post, but we have been busy with visitors, the daily "to do's" and now that I am officially a Registered Nurse the job search has been on the forefront.  Well after four years of nursing school and all that that entails, graduation does not mean you are officially a nurse.  The dreaded NCLEX examination is the final step in making it official, that is if you pass however!  On July 30th, after several LONG weeks of studying book after book and practice question after practice question, I went to the testing center to put what I studied to the test (Literally)!!  : 0  For the test there is no real way of knowing what you will be tested on, the only definite thing is that you will have a minimum of 75 questions and a maximum of 265 depending on how you do and 6 hours to complete the test.  Well after dreading this moment from the day I started nursing school, the test day came and went with 100 questions and 3 hours of torture.  Haha no not really but you do feel rather sick walking out of the test not knowing the results.  After what many think is the worst part "the test", you soon learn the worst part is not the test, but rather the 48 hours they make you wait to get the results.  Your mind goes crazy analyzing questions you had and wavering back and forth from the feeling that you passed to the feeling you failed.  After being so sore from sitting 8 hours each day I decided to go and get a massage and pedicure the following day to take my mind off the results.  Well after my family and I checked the computer nearly 100 times within the 48 hours, the results were finally in on Friday August 1st.  I had woken up at around 6 am on the 1st to check the computer and still no results.  Then about 10 minutes later my dad calls me.  I knew he had to be calling to say they were in.  (You could tell by the computer asking for your credit card number)  As my parents generously put in their credit card the results appeared on there screen first.  Matt and I were anxiously awaiting their reaction via speaker phone.  My mom, being the joker she is, says "Oh no fail", but then they both said no just kidding you PASSED.  I never knew one word could mean so much!  My mom and I both were screaming and crying at the same time.  Thats girls for ya!  : )  Anyways, it was a joy that I had waited for for quite some time.  I am finally a real nurse and no longer a student.  Those dreaded white student nursing scrubs will never be worn again!!  Woohoo.  Well once I found out I passed I took the weekend to celebrate and then hit the job trail that Monday, looking for a Postpartum position!  Postpartum/Labor and Delivery is the whole reason I wanted to be a nurse, so I hope I get one of those positions.  I'll keep you posted about job updates as they come up!  Well thank you all for your thoughts and prayers throughout nursing school and for the NCLEX exam.  It's finally a dream come true!

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kborn said...

Congrats, again S! You'd be a great PP/LD nurse!! Most of the nurses I had during labor weren't the best, but I was pleased with the one who I ended up with (since I was in the hospital for 29 hours before Q arrived!). Lots of luck to you in your (continued?) search! Hope you have job news to share with us in another 5 weeks in Mankato for the wedding!