Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Knot has been Tied!!

Well it's official!!  Many of you know that Matt and I "Tied the Knot" on Monday, May 26th of this year.  The whole weekend of festivities (the Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding) were so much fun.  Several family members flew/drove in from Minnesota, South Dakota, and New York, as well as many friends from California, Washington, and then of course Arizona, which really made the whole weekend special!  We owe a big thank you to all of you that made the extra effort to travel, to all that helped out making things run smoothly and look beautiful, and to the entire bridal party for being such good friends over the years, for all your help leading up to the big day and for standing there beside us as a support as we tied the knot.  The weekend was a success because of you all!!  Well after almost 6 years of dating and being best friends, Matt and I are so happy to be married and are loving it!!  The only weird part is not being a Strege anymore.  I still catch myself saying "Strege", but I'll get used to it in no time.  Well, I feel blessed to be married to such a great guy and look forward to life long memories together!!  

PS- You can view pictures on our wedding website at  You can click the link located under "Our favorite links" on the left side of our blog!

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kborn said...

I signed "rebarchik" on my credit card receipt when i was in Wi a few weeks ago...just felt right as I haven't spent much time in Wi as a 'born'!!