Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Move to the Mile High City....Denver!

Well this year for my Mom's birthday present, we gave her a trip to Denver.  haha  Actually, she happily volunteered (along with my dad) to help Matt and I drive all of our stuff to Denver.  We left Fountain Hills (Where I have grown up since I was 2 years old) on June 13th and were set out for Santa Fe the first night.  We made it to Santa Fe around 7 pm and therefore had time to make a visit to some old friends that are now living in Santa Fe.  Thanks to GPS, we were able to locate their house.  It was great seeing them, considering it had been almost 15 years since we had seen them last.  Well one day was down, with one to go.  We set out early from Santa Fe and rolled into Denver with my Dad driving the Budget truck and my mom, Matt and I in the Corolla.  Matt gave us the full narrated tour as we arrived, since he is rather familiar with the area due to living in Denver when he was younger.  I swear he has the best memory when it comes to navigating and remembering geographical locations.  Well we finally arrived around 5:00pm (17 hours later and 900 miles) to our beautiful apartment complex.  It was such a relief to finally be here, but the work was far from over.  Matt's aunt and uncle and cousins came over to help us unload the moving truck, which surprisingly with 8 people went rather quickly.  The apartment went from looking very bare to being consumed with boxes in no time.  If it weren't for my parents being here, I think it would have taken Matt and I several weeks to unpack everything.  It's amazing, you never realize how much you have until you take it all out.  We managed to fit everything though very nicely into our one bedroom apartment.  My parents are always such troopers.  They even stayed up until the wee hours of the morning helping us organize kitchen supplies, assemble furniture, plus so much more.  In the three days they were here we all accomplished a ton!  They left the fun stuff for us.... decorating!!  Well it was really sad to drop my parents off at the airport, knowing that I would never be staying at the home I grew up in with them like old times, but I was excited too for this new stage in life and to be married to such a wonderful guy.  Since Matt knew I was going to be sad, he booked a night at the Stanley Hotel up in Estes Park for the night they left in memory of my dad (Stanley) and my parents.  How did I get so lucky... he is always sweet like that.  Anyways, we are officially all set up, decorations and all, and the apartment looks really cute.  It is really starting to feel like home.  Well we love company and would love for you to come and visit us anytime.  You will enjoy the many things that there are to do here in Denver!  We have thus far....!

* To see pictures of the move and of our new place click the link under Our Favorite Links located on the left hand side of our blog!


kborn said...

That was one thing I hated most about the move...assembling the furniture! Parents are the best for helping out! said...

I am glad for your luck with a wonderful guy of Matt! I believe he will be a great support for you after leaning your parental home!