Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Washington Park Visit and Kayaking!

Well as summer turns to fall, Matt and I have been taking full advantage of this beautiful weather!  Recently Matt and I went to a very popular park here, known as Washington Park.  At this park we intended to go kayaking in our inflatable kayak (I know kinda funny), but due to the wind and the water not looking very fresh, we opted to rollerblade around the park instead.  It was such a beautiful loop around the park with tons of flowers, big luscious trees, and tons of people playing volleyball, rollerblading, bike riding, and paddle boating.  I love all the outdoor activities here.  I think Matt and I have already done more outdoor activities in the past three months than all four years in California.  

Since we were not able to kayak at Washington Park, on another weekend we decided to go up to a high mountain lake, where it is clear fresh water instead of gross mossy water.  The lake we went to was called Brainerd Resevoir and it was breathtaking.  The lake was surrounded by gigantic mountains that were covered in snow...there was even some snow on the side of the lake!!  Well we finally got our chance to kayak, but it was 40 degree water with an outside temp of 50 degrees.  Call us crazy, but it was rather nice out.  I guess we have acclimated to the weather! : )  Well we have now checked more activities off of our "to do" list...but we still have plenty to go since there is so much to do here in our new home CO. ....  PICS COMING SOON!!

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kborn said...

Yay pics! Congrats on the job. See you SOON!!